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Emily Rovere

Rebecca RenfreyComment
Emily Rovere

Hello! Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to my first of many blogs....
Although I post individual photos of wonderful people on my social media, I thought it would be nice to show some more of each shoot to give people an idea of what to expect from a  session with me. 

I have a wonderful hair and makeup artist who comes to my studio and makes every lady feel beautiful for her shoot. Then we do the photoshoot including whatever combination of indoor and outdoor photos you would like. It's a really fun day and I can promise you will laugh - a lot! 

So now, lets put the spotlight on the gorgeous Emily Rovere. She is one of the most resilient, determined and focused people I have met. 

Emily has faced her challenges, and has bounced back and managed to reinvent her life to become a better version of herself each time. Now she is helping other women be their best, with her work as the founder of the Project S.H.E Network. 

SHE connects with her Spirit,
SHE radiates Health,
SHE chooses to Evolve.

Whether it is connecting with a group of inspired authentic women, unplugging from the weekly grind to fill up your heart space, or to wake the sleeping goddess within you for that next leap in life, whatever it is - Project S.H.E will satisfy. We empower the every day woman to be her best self.

The values and mission of the S.H.E brand are to provide a space for women to be inspired and supported through all transitions of life - health, lifestyle, leadership, business, love - and everything in between.